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  • Vintage
  • Varietal
    Sangiovese & Other Reds
  • Barrel Aging
    24 months
  • Cooperage
    0% new French barrels, 100% assorted seasoned barrels
  • Production
    105 cases
  • Composition
    42% Zinfandel 42% Syrah 16% Sangiovese

2010 RTW - Red Table Wine


Frequently there’s one member of the family that’s a bit of a renegade. For us it is this wine. The climate of Monterey generally does not conform to that of prime Zinfandel areas, but there are a few warm spots with which to have fun. Tucked back in the steamy Arroyo Seco river canyon south of the Santa Lucia Highlands appellation, Anne Hougham’s organically farmed Mesa del Sol Vineyard is a haven for heat-loving varietals. The microclimate at Mesa del Sol is night and day to Rosella’s Vineyard, with complete wind protection and sandy gravelly soil above the Arroyo Seco gorge. The vines are stressed, and even with double cordons, they only produced about 3 tons/ acre.

The 2009 RTW is composed of 60% Zinfandel, 37% Syrah, and 3% Sangiovese. The organically grown Sangiovese and Zinfandel fruit for this bottling are both sourced from the Mesa del Sol Vineyard in Arroyo Seco, as is virtually all of the Syrah. The aromas and flavors of the 2009 RTW are a mix of red and black fruits. Suggestions of spiced plums and berries are followed by flavors of dark cherries, rhubarb, and black pepper. Overall, the texture is fairly rounded, with a fat, fruity middle palate and a modest amount of tannin at the finish.

This is meant to be a fun wine that stays a step outside of our main focus. It is deliberately made in a bright and fruity style that is engaging and fun to drink. Flexible enough to partner with all sorts of casual meals; it is priced accordingly.

Harvested in early (Syrah and Sangiovese) and mid (Zinfandel) October 2009 25.8 brix at harvest

Yields were approximately 3 tons per acre

The wine received neither fining nor filtration.